Do-It-Yourself Maintenance
Because Dri-Eaz equipment is designed to last for years to come, you may encounter minor adjustments and service procedures that need to take place over time. Many of these can be performed on your own, saving you time and money. Refer to the following guides for instructions about how to handle these common do-it-yourself repairs:

Troubleshoot a Leaking Pump (DrizAir 1200/LGR 2000/2400)
DrizAir Dehumidifier Pump Inspection
Micro Switch Replacement - DrizAir 1200/2400
Blower Adjustment – DrizAir 1200/LGR 2000/2400
DrizAir 1200 Handle Replacement

Dri-Eaz Service Videos

Further Information about Service & Maintenance
If you find that you need to return a piece of equipment to Dri-Eaz for repair, contact your local distributor or call us directly at 800-932-3030.

DIY guides and service information

All Dri-Eaz equipment is built tough enough to withstand many years of use. We pride ourselves on providing the most durable, reliable equipment – and we support that with a commitment to world-class service. The Dri-Eaz commitment to quality doesn't stop when your equipment leaves our warehouse. When you need help with a maintenance issue or have a question about parts and service, we're here to help.