The Vortex's 1.0 horse-power motor blasts air up to 125ft - even through ducting.
  • Ventilate musty spaces or drive out odors from restrooms and freshly painted, fumigated or pungent areas
  • Dry gyms, hallways or large open areas in manufacturing or processing environments
  • Attach up to 125’ of ducting to ventilate confined spaces 

Features & Benefits

  • Powerful 1.0 hp motor
  • Built-in handle
  • Stackable for storage!
  • Operate standalone or with Sto&Go ducting


Model  F174-BLU
Dimensions H × W × D 19.2 × 18.7 × 15.7 in.
49 × 48 × 40 cm
Weight 35 lb | 16 kg
Motor  1.0 hp
Motor Speeds  1-speed
Max Rated CFM  2041
Static Pressure  3.2 in. | 8.1 cm
Power  7.4 amps
Operating Positions  One
Safety UL Listed
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