Use the AirPath anywhere carpets or hard surface floors must be dried quickly after cleaning, leaks or spills to prevent wet floor hazards. The AirPath's powerful air stream reaches at least 12’ in all directions – dry an entire area at once without moving the AirPath - saves on labor!

Features & Benefits

  • Uniformly directs air across floor
  • High velocity 40 mph airflow
  • Patented 360° outlet grill design
  • 1HP Motor with 2-speed switch
  • Highly portable with locking wheel casters
  • Stackable rotomolded housing


Model F377
Weight 38 lbs | 17.3 kg
Dimensions H × W × D 14.7 × 25.4 × 26 in.
37.3 × 64.5 × 66 cm
Amp Draw  7.5 amps
Speed 2 speed switch
Power 746 W (1.0 HP)
Cord Length  25 ft. | 7.62 m
Fan  8 blades
Construction  Rotomolded housing
Casters Plastic (locking)
Safety ETL tested to UL/CSA standards
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High-speed floor dryer

The AirPath drives an aggressive 40 MPH of directed airflow to get carpets and hard floor surfaces truly dry in just minutes, not hours. With a revolutionary, patented design, the AirPath's high-velocity airflow stays low while drying in all directions.