Mediclean X-590 offers solutions to unique challenges:
  • Registered for use on mattresses and soft-surfaces – great for the hospitality industry 
  • Disinfects after a sewage or toilet overflow 
  • Combats nuisance insects such as bed bugs, mites, ants, silverfish, flies, mosquitos, wasps, and more


Formulation RTU
Sold in cases 4 by one gallon (3.8L) bottles
Case reorder no. MB1552000
Flash point 77º F | 25º C
Appearance Transparent yellow liquid
pH 6.5-7.5
Specifiic gravity 0.9
EPA registration no. 70385-4

Mediclean X-590 Institutional Spray
Disinfect, deodorize and combat bed bugs and mites

Mediclean X-590 Institutional Spray Plus is ideal for properties such as hotels, casinos and university dorms that are concerned about bed bugs. It's a versatile water-based disinfectant and deodorant that's effective on many surfaces including mattresses, textiles and other soft surfaces to deodorize and combat bed bugs and mites.

Includes tracer to help verify where the product has been applied.